Monday, February 11, 2008


Oops, sorry fellows, I was off my head yesterday. Here is Sunday's revision (Monday's won't be far behind). Also, how are you? How the hell are you feeling?

Origin (revision 5)

don't walk down those sidewalks.
don't whisper.
I saw a red dress smother
a woman
in a junkyard.
I saw her fall
asleep and drift into
the ocean.

it is heaven to live
among the damaged objects
of mirrors and stars.
to find ourselves among
glass and limbs,
to close the windows,
oh I am
home. I blow smoke.


kathryn said...

I love this picture of Ryan. Does he know you put it up here? Where is it, by the way? It looks like Vickery's.

Chris S said...

That was at *groan* Beerworks, watching the Cleveland Browns lose their way out of the playoffs.