Friday, March 21, 2008

oh such lovely youth

Yes, I know, I know: the title's a little saccharin, but sue me and shoot me. I wanted to post a poem everyday, and I've decided to put up my cycle on my days in Charleston, SC. The poem cycle is titled Charleston Times. I'll post one a day (maybe two! oh my!) until the series is over (which should last about a week). Also, the "Times" series of poems will show up again when I post Jeff and my new audio poem "Disconnected Times" in the next few days. Wild, man, yeah, dig, and flowers too.

Charleston Times 1

she said that my name was Christopher

and that

she’d love


on any stage

in any


we said that we deserve so much better

and dreamed

of leaving.

she said that she didn’t exist

and I woke

up under

my parent’s house

in my parent’s neighborhood.

I was back in Charleston.

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