Monday, March 10, 2008


You bet the stake crass of mouse. Miles Davis. Drive to the mountain to find the rest of the moment. Out over the ocean one might taste open seasons and oven heat. Awful food for penmanship. Too late for Wednesday. Experi-man with the ocular nerves says no sir for hire.
“Serve up the trout.”
He is on the side of justice so he must be corrupt. With wise skin flakes please my breast and examine me honey. Oops! She was killed by a pack of anti-Famines. This is going nowhere so I ate desert and threw up sunshine. The dentist called and said something about my looks deceiving the tooth. Bother other brothers before noon. This one needs rest. I sleep alone now. Allow me just one more chance to make it right with you. I ride a mail train baby. Get it. Got it. Bought the phone book from Darling ‘cause she drew erotica next to the psychiatrist. She was pleased with grand illusion. It did not bother her that he was missing three eyes. The otter was pleasant. That made up for lost love. The student council stud had quite the exercise video collection at his disposal. He was running for president. He did not win. Too many problems. No way.
“Yes. I sal it wit’ m’ on toe eyes.”
Rhys was the name of the detective who framed Woodstock. Alias from the other side was toe jammed from behind and torn between the good and the bad within all. I tried to escape but my futile attempts were ‘tween tweezer thin slices of mediocre.
“Be not so proud,” said Yonder the elder, “because the young may be foolish with their money, but quick with their guns.” The crowd took three steps back and yes indeed was the response. Heather noticed the microphone was unplugged. We were all amazed. Minutes later the smoke cleared.
All dragons juggle off toward the night. The town was now ready for the festival. The elder ambled to the front of the stage.
“Quiet. Quiet. Please, listen to his pleas. They are really amazing if you don’t forget that they are centuries old.”
Not to be forgotten. The hush of the mostly youthful audience was impressive. They said nothing. No ears were left unopened. Tired eyes assured. Elder looked around for some sign. The yellow light. No, yield. I am ready to speak. Huge air lung filled, I say do unto smothers as do unto you. Laugh. That was untitled. Much more should be said on the subject. I would if I could. Breeze.
Cigarette lighter than fair. In the corner serious thought was being thunk. Shot like junk. No shadows however. That was a close one, ponder. What the hell does he mean? Yeah, the night was off to a great start.
Be proud (can this be happening?).
The pride tag was enlarged to mouse x moose. I could not stand the consequences. Heather could. She was quite the trooper. Lusty appeared again. He was ragged and dirty like the song. Too bad, could have been a nice boy had he only listened to his high school guidance counselor. This was likely an oversight. Buy and sell. Date the waitress. Dancing his jog he told the audience conveyance gathered up our elders. What would he call “cool” things? This was unique in our apartment. We had unsolved mysteries but nothing like The Adventures of Lusty. He was one candid fool. Born and raided, he had been fired months before his long lost weekend.
Dark shades now cross-legged sitting back t’ back with his throat. He told tell of his tales. They were obvious. One time the drinks flowed freely. Any good news was smothered he had toured Southeast Asia. He had sung back up for an entire country. It was nice to hear, but something of an accident. A fool suck as eye.
His raging temper went on through the night. Blank. Bland. Heather lost her nerve and snapped. Bye for now. Sweet candy child. Darling of the mist. What a mess. Lusty will behave himself for only so long. He will not be asked back for any more speaking engagements. Aint it funny how bard games turn into cinema. That is the end.
Dreamed a bank robbery, bust out of jail, love triangle type story with Ida Lupino going by the name of Catherine Wheel. It was strange. I saw an image of a girl I’d seen a few times around campus. She was killing in the name of. I don’t know why she did it, but she did it well. I love to see her walk.

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