Monday, March 10, 2008

free free free

Hello fellows, how's the world? Just thought I'd post some new poems I've written. Hope you are all doing well.

untitled 4084

she wants sex

in the disco

beside the jukebox

while it is


on a Monday evening

by the rarest of chances

we could

be the river god

beheading himself

with a blue broadsword

in the

glade and grass

untitled 4078

several girls

have begun


their rules for laughter on

the avenue

when I slip


and toss my briefcase

to caution

and chaos

the cars of the center lane



burst wildly across the emptiness of the downtown


untitled 4075

if you want white paper on your



me when it is getting


so sunshine

can just go over the shoulder

I should

have slept with you

like sticky


over my fingernail I was

in love

so many times oh she dreams

that I am

so many parts of steel flown

in the sky and

crashed in

the ocean

1 comment:

Jeff D said...

untitled 4084 is very good - I wrote something a couple of years ago that reminds me of yr poem - it contains a disco lady - that jogged my memory - dig yr writing and let's get more cool stuff posted soon! -