Monday, March 24, 2008


I was drinking coke in a bar named Rachel’s when a long tall Texan with a pig face came up to me. He asked me if the seat next to me was taken…zaroooom, I fly away.
All these women line up t’ mean nothing. A laundry list for the gravestone I call the past. Claire was there. The movie started at 8:00 p.m. Then this dreamed femme hands me a bag of DVDs. Damn, I wonder what this means. In most films flicker ticker tape parade tape my eyes shut before the drive. So are we gonna get together? Far as I can tell we have nothing. An ace and a pair of diamonds. All these kids with kites hold joker’s wild. In the nose of the groom. The garden guardian closes nocturnal Chopin. The piano sits upright and plays itself. It swings with greasy fingers. I got the firewood. Chopping at the bit, he never swung like that before I think to myself.
Horny in his bed is choosing which dream to fall asleep to tonight. Lead Toes is glad to see buxom blondes in the cold weather. Cold and turning colder. In the afternoon soon the fledgling member of the scat pack says Idaho is the pit and the reward.
These over the fog writings are mine for the smoking. Writing by candlelight is the same as riding a book named candlelight. Happiness is the December wind whipping my face. Crisis the Duck asks for soup, but he receives a guitar unstrung. Following my Marilyn Monroe the Hurst of my background ends with curly hair. She sits down to take a test. Get it over with so we can get it on. Hurry up please, its time. Please, friend, hop scotch to Part II. All these countries can kiss my grits.
The Horse Radish is a play about two gentle cowboys. They somehow get stuck in middle America. Drinking coffee will do that to a foolish teen. The poison poised to top the charts in 2034 is Bongo Hamsters. They rock. The real illiterate poet steps to the microphone and reads,
“When the night is a long time coming
and I have weary eyes & bloodshot thoughts
and I know all the lights are off
and I know all the doors are locked
I turn over & think too many coughs
You may ask me about my dreams
but I will tell you only that you play a leading role
and I am a supporting actor
the clock moves through molasses
the moon is in permanent hang
this day is too goddamn long.”
The poet is morbid to the touch. So after many tensions the book really starts. One guy has an eye patch. Cobb Lar stood up. His hands were shaking

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