Monday, March 24, 2008

Charleston is not so different from Mars

Hey, number three, here it is, wow, cool, go f--- yourself (edit by the blogger team: sorry shitheads, no swearing). Banzai!

Charleston Times 3

oh William, I saw you yesterday

in your

bowtie in the box office

at the theater,

and your mother made you lunch,

and your

sister was away at school,

and the girl of your dreams was hiding behind the concession


and you said so much would


you said, buy a ticket


it’s going to get much better,

but you might

not have as much fun.

you had that jet black hair made of cutting


I had a vest on made

of stampeded carpet.

later, you said slurpies are good for you

and downed a whole bag of popcorn for dinner

and disappeared into

the office.

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kathryn said...

Charleston poems are my favorites. :)