Monday, March 24, 2008


I opted to put two exclamation marks after whammie, not three. I don't know, it just seemed like the moment wanted it, although I know three exclamation points is the traditional way it's done. But don't let it be said that Christopher Savage was ever afraid to defy convention. I bite dogs too, and while I'm wearing a postman's uniform.

Charleston Times 4

Jason said he would never join the armed


but then he went and did it,

and Kelly,

his lady,

said she was waiting for him.

ocean waves, he played

video games,

he didn’t dance,

he got drunk and smoked cigars

and shaved his head.

he ate chicken as

plain as can


and hit the gymnasium.

he said, well you know that the marines are just

easy targets.

we get picked up, we roll out,

we dive in,

and we just hope for the best.


I can remember those late nights of pizza and

dvds sitting

lazy on your parent’s

couch counting

hours and slipping down the cords

of endless entertaining

game controllers

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