Friday, May 16, 2008


Hey guys, here's a paragraph I just edited from my novel. I liked it and thought I'd share it with you all.

As he dried off eternally, the immortal examined his frame. His legs and penis and abdomen and chest and neck and jaw. He held a notion of sameness between himself and all of humankind, and closed his eyes a moment, pretending to fly through immense white clouds. If I crash, here, Eloise, send love. For his next road trip, he wanted a van, something capable of hiding inside, away from the hot and tepid elements of the horse-faced countryside. He could bring his wife, bring her pajamas and her glasses, her rum cakes and wrinkled test papers. They could dive into lakes and discover swimming holes and lay in creek beds. The immortal opened his eyes. The light seemed to bend and buckle and waver. The immortal stayed with the steam and hiss of the shower a moment more, then quickly vacated the bathroom as if on mission. He dressed, stretched his limbs, cleared his throat, then headed out for the diner.


Jeff D said...

Finish the novel!!! I want to read the entire opus.

kathryn said...

this is a beautiful paragraph.