Tuesday, June 17, 2008

her majesty's request

Hey, since Kat wants more prose poems, here goes. Also, maybe I'll start a new series of prose poems (bonus contest time: submit a topic via a comment on this post and maybe you'll inspire the new content of the prose poems).

travel logos 94

it was some summertime fun he road his hand up her leg and didn’t stop. she said, oh jesus you gonna, and then, and then. when she grew up like lazy grass, the river was her friend. so soft. oh god if I touch another person in this instance, it will all be the end of the record, the fin of the film, the gross collapse at the end of a long narration. and into darkness, oh into darkness. I am the flea of the back of the dog dying, just dying. a girl then says back to he that if it is children you need go in the distance and plant a seed in the dirt. I am not a field of a vision. all of the ending in my breasts, between my legs, yet still his hand eats and devours and climbs into the hot center of all thing.

also, I just wrote this poem!

untitled 4400

am a fork so dirt



in the dress

on Broadway stripping

her knees

of the slip

go slip

go down a curb

of rain water in the South.

in love

all the time the


the kitchen sink is

emptied and

the kitten

leaves paw prints in the flower bed



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kat said...

A few topic suggestions: (Oh, this brings me back to the good ol' days.)

hearing America singing
Hieronymus Bosch
coffee shops
points of origin

Also, thank you for fulfilling my request. Is that a picture of Virginia?

Tell Erin she should write a prose poem, too.