Tuesday, June 17, 2008

this is not a post

Hey guys, I just thought I'd use this post to remind you all about our (Jeff Daily, Erin Vaughan, Dan Boehl, Josh Rios, Christopher Savage) show at Okay Mountain (1312 East Cesar Chavez Ste. B) on this Saturday the 21st of June. The show starts around 8PM and there will be free beer flowing from my mouth to yours (okay, so it won't exactly be like momma and baby bird, but the beer will flow from a metal cannister to a plastic or paper cup, and then your mouth). Hope to see many of you people out there (and we'll see you there in spirit, Kat). Have a good week, freaks.


Jeff D said...

Yes, I want to see all your bright smiling not yet hungover faces at Okay Mountain Sat.

As a side note, this pic is a "behind the scenes" shot from the production of a music video for the song "Shedding Skin." Our good friend RR skillfully shot, edited, and directed this video. I'll show the finished product to ya'll one of these days.

kat said...

Wish I could be there!

kat said...

Hey, guys, have fun tonight! Wish I could be there!