Sunday, August 10, 2008

the birdman part II

Hey fabulous funsters, here's the second part to "The Birdman." Look out, he might be perched outside your window now. Also, go read Watchmen if you haven't already. Cowabunga! Also also, the literary journal form of austinnewblog - Boho Coco - will be hitting stores (ie. coffee shops, bookstores, broken into apartments) tomorrow. Cowabunga!

the birdman

sat in the corner of the alleyway. I oh I oh

I am a criminal

and what would I want, he pretended to think. his wife


in the past, his

rose leaf face was now,

the tire of the cab at midnight was two hours waiting.

the birdman was happy. he felt cold pistol in his hands and

watched older

children escape the strange rancor of the alleyways.

I am to be bitten tonight by the moon

so gallant, he hushed, and sat in the corner of the alleyway.

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