Saturday, August 9, 2008

poetry Saturday featuring the Birdman

And everybody's having fun! Here's a new long-form poem I've written that I'll be posting in segments. It's titled "The Birdman," and it was inspired by Alan Moore's character Nite Owl from the awesome graphic novel "Watchmen." Alright, have a good day my best of friends.

at first


was merely about feathers in the chimney,

sparks of sapphire

to a common man,

but he must have been dreaming of giant birds. he must have

been dreaming of god.

a picture of a woman in an old robe red regal gone

sat upon the

dresser next to


he was beside himself.

the old feeling struck once more,

to be new, to be humble, that made him correct

himself. he grabbed

a gun

and headed into the night,


the first few times, fighter of crime,

bat or owl,

fighter of injustice. as a child he dreamed of being a super hero.

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