Thursday, August 28, 2008

End Times #4 (click to download)

As we get further into the "End Times" the poem/music become more a movie than anything else and with that in mind listen to this posting of "End Times #4." I tried to create a sorta film score here. The sound effects and ominous tone fit not only with this poem but also the entire piece as well. Good listening!!!

text version:

end times 4

the man with

boots strapped high


rifle upon

his back

and the grizzly bear woods

invited him


with the snapping of twigs


a hunter

is one with the


of a tree

as it falls gently


the breach of a meadow



the rifle recoils.

terrible things in blood


the grass left


1 comment:

Chris S said...

Daaammmnnnn, Jeff, you really kicked my ass with the music in this. Great job, man. Maybe we should get atop a skyscraper and play this loud to all the lonely babies in the world. We could be heroes...if just for one day...