Monday, September 22, 2008

the first responsive poem of the week

Hey, Candyrockstar suggested the topic 'shattered glass' in a comment to the first poem of the international boho coco poetry week contest extravaganza (the prize is that you get to read consecutive words structured in aesthetic form and deviation). So, without anymore hullabaloo, here is an entirely original poem (oh entirely!) created with the aegis of 'shattered glass.'

perspectives of a dimension composed of shattered glass


the sky is not

of our flesh

but is of our teeth


the wrinkles on old mother's

face go

round in patterns

that spell majesty oh


lovers young

have scars upon their

stomachs and

throats and kiss there


the way home

of honey sunlight stall

we go down

the river with our old bathtubs

and kitchen sinks


more of more people

climb atop ancient

skyscrapers and

toss themselves off



love waits

in the forest near the

hobo scraps

and the dead



oh my father was his

own favorite

butcher and his back


cut with cow



at the top of the world

the telephone man

in black boots reachs



the musicians that

hide in the brush

oh hiss

come close I must will have

a touch of your



descrying the fire drum

leaves you spent

and you become gold

and you sink

1 comment:

candyrockstar said...

so here's a poem to submit:

i'm just like that tiny black widow
i'll crawl into your bed
take what i want
and leave with your head
without a stir, still peaceful like a prayer
i don't mind
the lack of backbone
or the fact that my love
is only as sweet
as the shapeless webs i weave
or the poison i make you drink
from dripping lips
as i collect your gifts-
your attempts
to calm me down
but i'm not here to listen to your song
of sweet release
you should have known
i'd never let you leave
no one gets away from me that free

and another topic, if you want one: