Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Locust Poem

Via candyrockstar prompt I bring you Locust Poem. Keep the comments coming! Also, contribute yr poetry...We are all about community and sharing creative works. -J

I heard about
The locusts
One night
When I was young
A fire was popping
In place of television
And my grandfather spoke of a
Vile plague
For months people cried in tantrums over
An unstoppable
Moving fear cloud full of sound
Full of locusts
And when that swarm sang their
Clipped songs
Direct from the
Destroyer of man’s songbook
All people had was the power of prayer
Petition was thought to be the only solution for
Fighting the invasion
Cleansing humanity
From deeds done evil
But then the locusts disappeared
Ravaged Mother moaned
Soil death!
Sustenance seed for naught!
Haunted children
Afraid of the locust choir
Hid their tears
And waited

My youth mind
Keeps thinking we are in for plague

1 comment:

Chris S said...

The line "All people had was the power of prayer," is good to see. It's grand and bold but it works in the sense of the abstract threat of locusts. Cool.