Wednesday, September 17, 2008

that last bird in the aerie: birdman part 8

Hey guys, after that week of video video, it's time to give you the finale to "the birdman" series. How will it end? Who will die? Does he like to watch Adult Swim? Read on, gentle audience.

p.s. cool visuals, Barnyard

I am so old, he thought, and gazed into the sky before

returning to his house.

I am not so new, but to be fresh

requires little, I have my way and my new

night, I have this fire pistol and my

old clothes and the bend of my knee, I have

freedom again and to

be away from the lack of diner windows

does not do me low, I am

a different neon light in the eve to blink more than three

times, oh oh I believe

I can.

his house yielded. the morning was upon him.

time for all

good heroes to retire. sleep,

if ever, was a thing


love. but I have, he told himself, and sat

in his kitchen counting

the click tic of seconds. night,

my friend, comes alive.

the birdman

merely waited.

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