Thursday, October 23, 2008

Everybody have fun tonight

Hey guys, tonight is the night of the Strangers, Boho Coco #3.  We'll be down at 12th Street Books, at 7:30PM (that's 827 W. 12th Street for those in the no know).  Jeff, Erin, and I, as well as Don Webb, Nikki Hampson, and Miguel Martinez, are going to be reading the latest fashion in poetry and prose (and sexiness).  So come on down, grab a copy of Boho Coco 2 (the lit zine supreme) and maybe purchase a copy of my new chapbook, The Life of the Trapeze Men.  It should be a great night full of wine and proses (I know, I'm sorry for doing that to you, but it was easy).  And here's a little something right now for you to get you through the day.


I saw out of red


where old men gathered to
roast rats and
bust shoes

1 comment:

Jeff D said...

I love this lil poem. It is shorter than yr usual style, but great set of images.