Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Blog: Music!!

BOOKMARK IT!! = - new this week!!

Hello all. Tonight is the big poetry reading. We want to see all you folks out to help us celebrate the new zine.

BUT today I want to tell everyone about a new music blog that my brother Chris and I have started that is dedicated to the plethora of musical recordings we've made over the years and will make in the future. Go to the above blog address and learn and listen. We are building it up now so for the next few days we will be posting a lot of backstory before diving into music posts. The site will be mostly just music and what a variety let me tell ya!


*this is a tune from the Barnyard vaults - THE GALES HAVE COME IN - is an instrumental that my brothers and I recorded when we first got a cassette 4-track recorder and were learning how to write and perform music...
the gales have come in - Barnyard

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Chris S said...

Cool, man, I'll check that sight out every day and every night (and sometimes midday). Great news! I like that the Bohos are expanding and expanding.