Wednesday, December 31, 2008

two for the money...happy new year, baby '09

Hey guys, it's been a while (you know, Holidays and all), so here are two posts featuring my 2001 series (poems based on the 'Lightshow' scene in the film 2001, images and music). Hope you all have a safe, happy, slappy, sappy, do-dad dappy New Year. And do be sure to check in with us in the coming weeks, we've something special brewing for each and everyone of you special stars. Auld lang syne!

2001 7

it speaks

I am gold

you who are

small are a sliver of the great
ruby band
of god

he wore it once
and left it hanging upon the rim of Jupiter

oh galaxy
of lovemaking harmony
space drift

it is it is
the end

you can hear them speaking to you

it is the end
you can
hear a man wallow across a small
place of habitat
for all the gold in the universe a
lover came and was
had and was beset by the oh
oh wonderful

...and here is the start of the second set of seven poems

2001 part 2 1

blink and you will
be another

born of blackholes

my god

it is imperative now
for us
to water
across the face of the planet

and hiss

the light of grace fallen into our
hands makes us

chaos is the truth of my name

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