Sunday, January 4, 2009

happy new year

The state of things as of right now, January 4, 2009, new millennium, brave world, old banging clang of the nothing nothing: we are stood now at a crossroads, involved only with the discovery of new snapping colors of flag blowing in the wind; we are ugly and arched foes of the mashed sun; we are the great only onlies grasping at the strands of our hair, worried over the fall of the giants and what this means for all of us. Here it is folks: the new year and austinnewblog, and what the hell else, let's try for a new feel, a new form. This month will feature a build-up towards our wonderful performance at the world famous, awesome awesome Cathedral of Junk on January 24th. Look forward to continuing posts in our LAB series, more recordings (if such exist...ask John Johnson about that), more drawings, more scatterings of photos, more philosophy, and something special staring tomorrow (nothing huge, of course, but still something fun for all of us kids lusting after the purity of moments). Also, I'd like to say that the performance on the 24th and the third issue of the zine (coming to a shop near you soon soon soon) will be dedicated to the philosophy of the object. More on that tomorrow, so do come back, if you are intrigued. Okay: parting thoughts: we arch ourselves correctly to defend against the cold; we live in ocher huts on the coasts, beating children with wet rags and crying in the evening; we are brave hunters in the fields, chewing bark and eating the flesh of bandits. Happy new year, folks; stick around and see what happens. Boho Coco!

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