Monday, January 5, 2009

New Album for a New Year!

I finally completed work (with production assistance from my brother Chris) on a new CD. It's called "Waiting Game Blues." Complete artwork and outtakes can be heard on the Barnyard Music blog...Below is the album in full:


Chris S said...

Great news, man! It sounds awesome. What's next for the man of one million songs? Is the album going to have a physical incarnation?

Chris S said...

Hey, I just gave the whole thing a listen. Really great; I particularly enjoyed all flourishes of piano, especially on 'Been doing time,' and 'Never been a fan of finales.' Really heartfelt, but in no way saccharine. Just awesome, really. And it was easy to get into, just on the first listen, and that isn't something every album can boast, so I particularly thought that was an accomplishment as well. How long did this album take for you to put together? The lyrics were good too (albeit sad sad sad, and fun fun fun at the same time!). Great job man; I really can't say that enough. Thoroughly enjoyable, through and through. Awesome!