Thursday, April 2, 2009

artist poem: monet

Hey guys, here is a video of a shadow reading in the guise of Monet. I call it my artist poem series (creative, yes), and I hope you get your freak on.

artist poem 1:Monet

Monet complained daily
to his wife,
"oh, I just don't
like asparagus,"
and he would nap in an
old Buick
"give me a cigarette,
love" he'd
hiss waltzing
the tips of Niagra.
"oh to jump!"
he would sound.
orange paint stained
the sides of his pants'
"it's a modern affair,
this...sad chase to the
of everything."
he read newspapers
and snapped pictures of
celebrities depicted there-in.
next he'd cut slices from
the photos, toss
'em in a bowl, and
eat 'em
like cereal or salad.

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