Monday, April 20, 2009

what I think of Phoenix 2

Here is another poem I wrote at the beginning of my trip to Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. What can I say about the trip now that I'm back in Austin: the Grand Canyon is profound. Phoenix is sprawly. Mike and Rell have an awesome house. Okay. Here's a poem (look to the end of the week to see what I wrote after the trip was over...).

Phoenix Arizona 2

I have found god
the sun; he is a red pueblo,
a house
sans roof,

a thatcher sitting legs apart
a purple bus.
in Scarborough we find
lost loves and ask them

we once were.
they reply

that you were a mountain; an elm with a crook;
an unfinished oak table.

we are the empty houses sat on concrete lots
solitude and
wood polish. come,
our bread,

live on our lawns.

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