Saturday, April 18, 2009

what I think of Phoenix

Two poems for you to understand what I have felt and seen in Phoenix (by the way, Mike and Rell are super duper cool):

Phoenix Arizona

hot rods and babes
in the Phoenix sun,
have seen so many tons of concrete
billowing into the sky
beyond the red mountains

and we are in love.
the Mexican counter girl
watching the elderly,

we have begun to transform into the sliver
of light beneath
the dark roomed door,
we have
lifted our flesh and seen the mirage
that exists beneath.

the skateboard kids and the loser
with the bleeding face,
fragrance of disassembly,

and wasted times.
the light rail will save us; the hotel
waffles in the breeze.


Phoenix Arizona 2

I have found god
the sun; he is a red pueblo,
a house
sans roof,

a thatcher sitting legs apart
a purple bus.
in Scarborough we find
lost loves and ask them

we once were.
they reply

that you were a mountain; an elm with a crook;
an unfinished oak table.

we are the empty houses sat on concrete lots
solitude and
wood polish. come,
our bread,

live on our lawns.

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