Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2001 vol 3 part 5

Hey guys, business as usual, more poems posted from my series dedicated to Kubrick's
'2001' light show scene. Check out: boho coco, for more space adventures. See you at Co-Lab on Saturday.

2001 part 3 5

call me by my given

I am Zedarius

of the others

and I have come with my
space ships

to take you away

strange dimensions.

it is of you to fall
and ring out your
wrists upon the firmament.

stars have no luck
as we.

we are the born sons of the nova

and we have had all our
flesh consecrated
the endless loops
of spacetime

come and be my lover

I am Zedarius and
I have

lived alone some time in the expanse of the nothing

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