Monday, June 8, 2009

2001 vol 3 part 4

Hey guys, do you like to watch movies about space travel? I sure do. Boy oh boy, here's the next part in my series of poems dedicated to Stanley Kubric's lightshow scene from '2001.' Oh joy. Hey, check this out too for more space adventure: boho coco.

2001 part 3 4

I have lived upon a purple

while in the middle
of combing
my flesh with
the bones of dead giants

I saw old meteors clunking around the heavens

kicking space dust
and ice trails into the ever
deadening ether.

it is not the sage advice of all
to cross the stars and
find love there.

it is the old wisdom of men
tiny arcs of spin
and gravity

that we should live here
and be simple

and beware.

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