Saturday, January 31, 2009

saturday post!

Hey fellows, here is a post for all of you on this wild weekend!

postcards from a dead ex lover 3

Cindy. How are you? Sorry it’s been a while, but man, I have seen some shit. First off, traveling through this particular area, I was accosted by a gang of youths. They only wanted my money and shoes, but after I gave it to them, they still roughed me up a bit. Then I found myself at an embassy, haggling whatever I could, then I found a bank, and then I was pretty okay. You know, sometimes I very much think that it isn’t a kind world. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the last kind man, singing a song nobody wants to hear. You heard it; that keeps my head up, I suppose. And, oh geez, listen to me: wallowing in a pity parade! God damn, I can be hard on myself, but I guess you remember all that. And anyway, where I’m at now is a really cool, chill place. It’s a place that lends itself to hope, I think. And anyway, what’s up with you? Hopefully at the next place, I’ll be staying a while, so I can send a forwarding address and you can write me back, if you want. Well, I hope all is well. All my best, Cind.


p.s. don’t worry about me; I’ll be fine

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