Monday, February 2, 2009

holy moley look at the monlogue kid

Hey guys, here's a video of me (Christopher Savage!) performing my monlogue "Dialogues with god near a trash heap" at the Cathedral of Junk. Below the video is the original text version of the monologue (check out how it's changed and adapted for a live performance! oooohh, like a virus or something!).

dialogues with god near a trash heap (part VI)
- man enters a scene beside a heap of trash
- man: “Look, just stop. Okay. Stop a moment.”
- man protests with hand and leans upon the trash
- man: “You have to listen to me. It’s going to rain tonight, there’s going to be wild animals out, stupid kids will be driving their cars, night rangers are drunk and horny, and all types of devils are sulking around any corner.”
- man pauses, then smiles
- man: “Well, it could be something like that. I might be one of those devils, even.”
- man nods head, forgetting the invisible audience
- man: “I don’t think I am, but… I do get up late and skip work some times. I don’t always tip well. Sometimes I don’t call people back or return emails…”
- man waves the nonsense away and returns to the audience
- man: “But I digress. It’s not important anyway if I’m the devil – a devil at least. It matters if you are a devil. If you are, then all the trouble that’s waiting out there is already on your side. But where’s the fun in that?”
- man begins to laugh; he becomes frivolous with audience
- man: “Okay, seriously guys, I’m not jerking your chain. I just wanted you to stop. Just stop a moment. Please. Just stop.”
- man sits in silence, still leaned upon the structure, gazing at it
- man: “It can be so damned beautiful, the stillness. I think sometimes I’m afraid of anything else. This is home, though, didn’t you know?”
- man kicks off heap of trash and turns from audience; he waves his hands in the air
- man: “Okay, you can go now. Go on. Go. Leave me. Go on. You’ve stopped, you’ve taken in the moment. Go on, get out of here. Leave me.”
- man exits scene, muttering unintelligibles under his breath

end part VI

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